„The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 75: Rethinking and Constructing Future Together”

This week, the Abortion Figurations team participated in the International Inter and Transdisciplinary Conference at Ghent University, Belgium. Our presentations included:
1. “Relocating the lens of intersex rights: Narratives from Greece and Serbia” by Nikoletta Pikramenou (from AF) and Professor Jelena Simić.
2. “Mold and Malleability of Human Rights and Reproductive Equality: Scapegoating Universalism in the Name of (De)colonization Practices in Ireland and Poland” presented by Karina S. de Vries.
3. “The Global Conservative Backlash: a New Grand Narrative in Socio-legal Studies of Reproductive Rights” presented by our PI, Marta Bucholc.
4. “From Legal to Embodied Struggle: the Evolution of Feminist Mobilization for Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Colombia” presented by Carolina Mosquera Vera.
Emilie Peeters chaired the panel. We’re genuinely thrilled to have shared and exchanged ideas in Ghent! Hope to see you at the next opportunity to continue discussing insights on abortion and human rights.