CLARIN-PL ( is a Polish scientific consortium, part of the European Research Infrastructure (CLARIN – Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure). The Polish CLARIN technology node has been built and is run by G4.19 operating at Wrocław University of Technology on behalf of CLARIN-PL. It is formed by six scientific institutions, established to fulfill Polish responsibilities under CLARIN ERIC membership, which jointly develop electronic language resources and tools for working with large collections of texts in Polish and several other languages.

CLARIN-PL has a very rich, twelve-year experience in the active support and collaboration with researchers, especially in the humanities and social sciences (hundreds of projects and individuals supported) in the use of language technologies in their research. Collaboration with users is often interdisciplinary in nature, and the researchers who apply are sometimes at different stages of their research careers. The infrastructure is unique in the world, as it was developed specifically for the Polish language and provides innovative solutions to ensure accurate results for research on texts produced in that particular language. In addition, CLARIN-PL works closely with the business community, providing access to universal language technology components and mechanisms for combining these components to build, apply and handle both general and specialized texts.