75th Anniversary of Human Rights Declaration

Tune in for a special, anniversary episode of the Abortion Figurations project videoblog!

The 10th December 2023 is the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was a milestone in creating a framework of human rights – rights, which do not exclude anyone, a foundation for a better future. Or would they?

This anniversary is an occasion to ask: does the framework of human rights and the thoughts behind it still work? What is left of it? It may seem it has come to a halt. Does equality and freedom that we are all born with, last forever? However, human rights is still a universal reasoning, which propels actions towards striving for better future. This is reason enough to still endorse the declaration. Legal documents and declarations feed into the political action and thinking. 

How can human rights be hijacked? By whom, and can anyone be excluded from them? How can we prevent the violations for human rights? And why should the declaration still exist? What human rights once were, and what are they now? What can they become in the future? 

For more on the declaration and it’s significance, check out the whole video!